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Aromatic Mechanisms
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Aromatic- add iodine.
Aromatic- Alkylation via organolithium
Aromatic- Benzylic bromination with NBS
Aromatic- Benzynes- Bergman cyclisation (para-benzyne)
Aromatic- Benzynes- Diels-Alder cyclo-addition
Aromatic- Benzynes- Diels-Alder with Furan
Aromatic- Benzynes- formation of alinine from bromobenzene
Aromatic- Benzynes- Preparation from azide
Aromatic- Benzynes- Preparation from halobenzene and strong base
Aromatic- Benzynes- Preparation from lithium exchange
Aromatic- Benzynes- Preparation from triflate with SiMe3 group
Aromatic- Benzynes- Preparation via fragmentation
Aromatic- Benzynes- Preparation via oxidative fragmentation
Aromatic- Birch Reduction to dialkene
Aromatic- Blanc Reaction- addition of CH2Cl to benzene
Aromatic- chromium complex formation
Aromatic- chromium complex reacting with alkoxide
Aromatic- chromium complex reacting with Nuc.
Aromatic- Fischer indole synthesis
Aromatic- Fluorination (using diazonium salt and BF4)
Aromatic- Fluorination by SNAr
Aromatic- Fluorination using "F+"
Aromatic- Fluorination- Bamberger reaction
Aromatic- Formylation by Vilmeir reaction
Aromatic- Formylation using ArLi
Aromatic- Formylation- methyl group to aldehyde
Aromatic- Formylation- Riemer Tiemann reaction
Aromatic- Fridel-Crafts thermodynamic product- three meta substituents
Aromatic- furan diels alder reaction
Aromatic- furan- Nitration using AcONO2
Aromatic- furan- reaction with Br2 in methanol
Aromatic- Heck Reaction- coupling of Csp2 with aromatic system
Aromatic- Iodination via metal-halogen exchange
Aromatic- NArS alkylation to chromium complex
Aromatic- Ortholithiation then react with amide
Aromatic- Ortholithiation to add carboxylic acid group
Aromatic- Phenol electrophilic substitution of halide.
Aromatic- Preparation of phenol from Grignard reagent and O2
Aromatic- Preparation of phenol from H3O+ and O2
Aromatic- Preparation of phenol- Bayer Villiger reaction
Aromatic- Preparation of phenol- Dakin reaction
Aromatic- Preparation of phenol- Friers Rearrangement
Aromatic- Pyridine synthesis (Guareschi)
Aromatic- pyridine synthesis (Paal-Knorr)
Aromatic- pyridine- catalyst for acylation reactions
Aromatic- pyridine- reaction with PCl2
Aromatic- pyridine- removal of oxide from pyrridine-N-oxide
Aromatic- pyridine-N-oxide formation
Aromatic- pyridines- Chichibabin reaction to form amino pyridine
Aromatic- pyridines- electrophilic substitution with pyridine-N-oxide
Aromatic- pyridines- Nitration of pyridone
Aromatic- pyridines- nucleophilic substitution
Aromatic- pyridines- Pyridine-N-oxide- activates electrophilic substitution
Aromatic- pyridines- reaction of halopyridines with nucleophiles
Aromatic- pyridines- reaction of pyridinium salts with nucleophiles
Aromatic- pyridines- reduction of pyridinium salts
Aromatic- Pyrrole synthesis- Hantzsch
Aromatic- Pyrrole synthesis- Knorr
Aromatic- Pyrrole synthesis- Paal Knorr
Aromatic- pyrrole- polymerisation
Aromatic- Pyrrole- porphyrin ring synthesis
Aromatic- pyrrole- Vilsmeier reaction (acylation)
Aromatic- SNAr - addition of hydrzine (NHNH2)
Aromatic- SRN1- addition of enolates etc. to halobenzenes
Aromatic- Skraup synthesis of Quinolines
Aromatic- Stille Reaction- coupling of Csp2 with aromatic system- with control
Aromatic- Suzuki Reaction- coupling of Csp2 with aromatic system using RB(OH)2
Aromatic- Tetrahydroisoquinoline synthesis Pictet Spengler reaction
Aromatic- Vicarious nucloeophilic substitution